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Dr. Angela Clack

Dr. Angela Clack


Clack Associates, LLC
Clack Associates, LLC

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About this Speaker

Dr. Angela Roman Clack is a licensed psychotherapist at Clack Associates, LLC a private practice outpatient counseling agency in Southern New Jersey. She has been working in the mental health field for more 25 years. Dr. Clack earned her doctorate in 2002 with a degree in Clinical Psychology from Argosy University, Washington, D.C. Dr. Clack is known for her ability to teach, supervise, coach, and provide training in various areas pertaining to children, youth, and their families. Because of her training and teaching abilities, Dr. Clack has made a massive impact in her community by reducing the stigma of people of color who seek mental health treatment. Dr. Clack is passionate about discussing mental health and wellness. She has a broad range of public speaking experiences including mental health conferences, community events, radio and internet shows, women’s empowerment groups and panel discussions, church and school settings, and collaborations with mental health advocacy organizations and non-profit community organizations. With her highly diverse clinical experiences and training in adult, child, adolescent, and forensic settings, she is able to discuss a broad range of topics. Dr. Clack treats adults and youth suffering from depression, anxiety, grief/loss, as well as general emotional distress and relationship/interpersonal problems. She also trains counselors, social workers, and related mental health professionals. Her approach to providing clinical care consists of teaching people to recognize unhealthy patterns in their thinking and behaviors that have resulted in poor emotional and behavioral functioning and choices. She has a particular interest and expertise in treating women and their secondary conditions to trauma, interpersonal/intrapersonal distress, physical health conditions/illnesses, and mood disturbances. Dr. Clack also offers coaching, supervision, consultation, and program design and development. Through coaching/consultation, speaking engagements and as an author, Dr. Clack’s passion is to provide emotional support, education, information and inspiration to empower women who are experiencing emotional distress, feelings of low self-worth, and feeling “stuck” in their current life circumstances to rewrite their life story by embracing new possibilities and to discover and uncover qualities they never thought they had! To book Dr. Clack for your next conference or engagement, email: [email protected]

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